Startup lawyers are typically corporate & securities law specialists who regularly help early-stage entrepreneurs form their companies, finance them, and oversee day-to-day legal issues. They are very different from general corporate lawyers, or small business lawyers.

The below is a curated set of articles that will help provide some clarity for Boston startups on how to navigate the legal world.

Checklist for choosing a Startup Lawyer  – A quick list of questions to ask before hiring a startup lawyer.

Lies about startup legal fees – There is a lot of bad advice being provided to founders on how to handle legal work. This post will help you avoid the worst.

How to Avoid “Captive” Company Counsel– Startup lawyers don’t just paper deals; they help you strategize and negotiate with people in the business ecosystem who typically have far more experience and connections than you do. If your lawyer works for the people you’re negotiating with, you won’t be able to fully trust them.

Startup Law Pricing: Fixed v. Hourly – Don’t get too hung up on “fixed fees” for legal work. Focus on efficiency, quality, and great service. There are serious drawbacks to inflexible fee arrangements that you need to be aware of.

Do my startup’s lawyers need to be local?– No, they don’t. Very little about what startup lawyers do requires them to be within a certain geographic radius of your company. Focus on the right specialization, and familiarity with your region’s norms; not hyper-local.